Details for Ranch School/ Horsemanship School/Fall Sessions


Accommodations for 4week/2week/4-day schools ~ booked on a first come first serve basis
 2- Shoofly Heights and 1 Perjue Canyon – Private rooms with bathroom and kitchen $500/300/200
 1 Dry Bunkhouse $300/200/125 – access to electricity, propane heater, community bathroom and kitchen
 1 Dugout and 1 Camp Wagon $150/100/75-wood stove, access to community bathroom and kitchen
 4 Living Quarter or RV trailer hook ups, water and septic included in the price, however bring your own generator if you would like power
 Dry Camping in your personal trailer is included in the price-access to community bathroom and kitchen
 Bedrolls and Linens are provided.
 Teepee and The Shack, the ultimate in the ‘True Cow Camp’ experience, are included in the price. No electricity. Access to community bathroom and kitchen.
Starlit skies and stories around the campfire, priceless, but no charge.

Plan to bring all your own First Aid supplies: Ibuprofen, Icy Hot, Imodium, toiletries, chocolate, lobsters, wine, more chocolate, more wine, more Blue Bell (ice cream). You will be 45 minutes from any medical or veterinary services or supplies and limited to business hours.
 Please leave companion animals at home. You can pet our barn cats if you can catch them, but we don’t like seeing dogs trying to catch them.
Ranch School only will have a cook available, 3 meals a day, purchased in 2 week plans at $400 per person (no shopping, no preparing, no cleanup, just ready to eat meals)  Horsemanship School and Fall Sessions plan to be  responsible for your own meals,  check with us on available options of a local cook, or prepared meals.
A stove is available for cooking, there is limited refrigeration space. Be sure to check in with Y6 for your wants and the availabilities. You are welcome to do your own cooking, but no complaining. If we are trailering out, plan to pack a lunch. We may stop at a restaurant, if we are near one, or we will eat lunch after sundown back at camp.

Horses and Feed
You are welcome to bring your own horses for the school. We ask that you let us know how many you are bringing at least two weeks in advance of the school. Shoes are required. You are welcome to bring your own hay or check in with us for local availability and pricing. Individual steel pens are limited, most horses will need to be kept in the open fields with the Y6 cavvietta. Y6 horses are available for students, they live out in the big fields in a herd environment. Y6 hay is available at market price, it is “ranch quality”. Our horses eat it, however it may or may not be satisfactory to your horse(s) ~ Ours survive on it.

Bring your saddle, ropes, head gear, halters, rain gear, extra shoes, the kitchen sink… etc. Y6 saddles and equipment are available with a $250 maintenance deposit, refunded, if you don’t tear anything up. Y6 also has quality gear you may want to purchase; if you would like to explore the best type of gear and fit for your horse.

Level of Riding

Ranch School
You must be comfortable at all gaits (walk, trot and lope). This will most likely be out on the open range. Martin sets the pace, and rarely checks in to see if you are following. Be able and willing to ride 6+ hours a day. Be confident to ride out alone, or find your way back to the trailer, or camp, or from where ever we left. Sundays will be the day off to resupply or revive. Nurturing blisters, if necessary.

Horsemanship Schools
To maximize your opportunities, you should have the ability to ride several different horses and ride alone on the open range. If you are not able, or willing, to keep up you are welcome to stay at camp, or head into town, while the group continues with the day’s activities. Weekends off for homework, sightseeing, time to resupply or rest.

Private Sessions
These are tailored to the individual interests of anything Martin can help you with; depending on the availability of ranch work with neighbors, weather, coordination of participants interests and your abilities. There’s a lot of flexibility during these semi-private sessions.

Closest Towns for supplies and accommodations
Bruneau (40 minutes): Restaurant, food mart, beer & wine, bar, propane, fuel
Grand View (20 minutes): Restaurant, grocery store, complete line of alcohol, hardware store, beverages, bar, propane and fuel.
Mountain Home (45 minutes): several restaurants, grocery stores, bars, medical services, veterinarian, laundromat and feed store.
Boise (1 hr 15 minutes): Book flights through Boise, car rentals or Pickup/drop-offs can be arranged at $100

Horseshoeing, $125 by local farrier, historically these last longer than shoes from your town farrier.
AT&T and Verizon cell service works at Shoofly, patchy service to and from ~ All other, depending on your provider are limited or non-existent.

Shoofly is located outside of Bruneau, Idaho. We know that you want a look at where you will be staying “off grid”. Check out the following for your days off:
Jacks Creek Wilderness Areas, across the fence from Shoofly
Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway, you will be driving on it
Perjue Canyon, Shoofly has 6 miles of the lower canyon
Great Basin, Shoofly is part of it

If you haven’t ridden with Martin before, you may find it useful to attend some of the Virtual Clinics. The clinics are offered on the last Tuesday of every month. You can be notified of the Virtual Clinics by signing up for our emails at

Martin’s Books and DVDs will also be helpful:
Colt Starting philosophy (DVD)And Colts starting-Groundwork with Students (DVD)
Round Pen to the Arena Series (DVD)
Bridle Horse Series (DVD)
Evidence Based Horsemanship (DVD and Book)
Cow Horse Confidence (Book)
Hackamore Reinsman, Reinsman of the West and Vaquero Style Horsemanship by Ed Connell (Books)
Roping Fundamentals, Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping and Rodea Style Ranch Roping Part two (DVDS)

PLEASE NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic, you may transfer your deposit to a future clinic, or apply your funds towards purchases from

All balances are due on the first day of the school/session, we will settle up the accommodations, gear, horses, hay, etc… on the last day you attend the school.

27297 Paul Black Lane Grand View, Idaho 83624 ~ this may or may not work with GPS navigation. You may want to confirm with the following so you don’t end up in Alaska!

From I-84 Mountain Home 25 miles to Grand View on 167/67
Take Hwy 78 South or left at Grand View
2 miles to Mud Flat Road, stay straight or south; Stay on Mud Flat Road 12 miles to Paul Black Lane, turn left after crossing the cattle guard. Follow dirt road 2 miles, dead end into the ranch.
From South I-80
Take I-84 from Salt Lake City, UT
Take 93 North from Wells, NV to I-84
Take 95 North from Winnemucca to Hwy 55 to Marsing to Hwy 78 to Grand View

We look forward to meeting you!