evidencebasedhAmong other things we have been working on, one of the big projects we are very excited about is a new book. The book, Evidence-Based Horsemanship, a collaborative effort between Martin Black and Dr. Steve Peters (a neuroscientist), is due out early next year.

Martin and Dr. Peters felt that the public needed a source of “accurate” information. Real information that was gathered by observation, tested in the field and validated by science. EBH is based on the scientist-practitioner model. Martin with his lifelong experience with thousands of horses and Dr.Peters have used their collective knowledge to create a working tool and reference for everyone to apply scientific knowledge in understanding and reading horses. EBH will be a guide to “best practices”. Although the book is chock full of scientific information gathered from horse brain dissections, current veterinary science, brain chemistry and brain anatomy, it was designed to be readable and easy to use and is filled with real life examples and illustrations from Martin’s experience with horses and colt starting. Martin and Dr. Peters want everyone, no matter what school of training or type of horse, to “get the evidence” so that they are better prepared to recognize and manage the uncertainties that come in working with horses. You can also learn more about their project by visiting Evidence-basedhorsemanship.com

“I think the strongest appeal of EBH will be in the scientific value of understanding the horse with a higher degree of certainty.” Dr. Steve Peters

“My hope is that the information in Evidence-Based Horsemanship will give people a real insight into the horses brain. My experience with horses has taught me a lot, but there was an area of understanding for me that was missing until I started working with Dr. Steve Peters. I now feel like I have a much more complete understanding of how to apply this knowledge I have gained through my experience and hope to share it with others through this book.” Martin Black