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May 21 – June 17, 2020


When you’re ready for the real deal…


4 Week Ranch School

May 21st – June 17th, 2020

Shoofly Ranch

Bruneau, Idaho

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A truly unique ranching experience – this year we will be advancing our stockmanship, roping and horsemanship skills in southwest Idaho.  Our base will be at Martin’s Shoofly Ranch, which borders the Jack’s Creek Wilderness Area (Google it).  The majority of the riding will be trailering out to the Great Basin’s gorgeous Owyhee Uplands Back Country (Google it).

In the wide open spaces of the high sage dessert, we will have limitless learning opportunities while gathering cattle, working rodear, driving, sorting, branding, doctoring and working cattle.  Most of the cow work will be trailering out from our Shoofly base to the high-country about 45 minutes away.

We will be camped at Shoofly Ranch, which is about 45 minutes from Y6.  Join us with your own LQ trailer or stay in the bunk house (limited availability!).Or, experience living in true Cow Camp accommodations:  tents, buckaroo teepees, or sleeping under the stars.  We will enjoy the sights, smells, and temperatures of the 3000 to 6,500 foot elevations, during one of the most beautiful seasons in the west.  Experience Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall, often all in one day.  Camping in the high country is a possibility if the students desire but there will be limited, rustic accommodations.

Ranch cooked meals will be provided.  There will be early, belly-filling breakfasts before trotting and/or trailering out for the day’s work.  A cowboy meal will be prepared at the end of each day.  Special dietary needs will be limited or none – cowboy up or bring your own.

This is a progressive school for advanced riders comfortable at all gates (W,T,L).  Riders and horses should be confident riding out alone for extended periods while doing the day’s job (i.e. gathering or driving cattle)

No distractions of cell phone service, wi-fi, electricity, cleaning bathrooms, showers or kitchens, so you can concentrate on becoming a better stockman with your horse(s).

Information and Some of the Details:


• $5,000 (meals included)

• 4 Weeks, May 21st – June 17th

• Limited to 8 participants

• 25% non-refundable deposit

• Camp will be 45 mins from Bruneau

• Sundays will likely be a day off



• RV Space $200 (water & septic)

• Dry Bunkhouse $400 (access to shower)

• Teepees $100

• Starlet sky priceless but no charge

• Outhouse or big tree no charge

• Bed rolls and/or bed linens provided


Human Necessities: 

• Sundays will be the off day to head into town from camp.  Camp is 1 hour from Mountain Home and 45 minutes from Bruneau/Y6

•Groceries and cell service are limited.  The closest restaurant options are 20 minutes away in Grand View

• Bruneau’s Cowboy Pastime Restaurant (11 – 8) lunch/dinner options

• Grocery stores and chain Stores are located in the town of Mountain Home about 40 miles from Shoofly.

• Plan to bring all your own husbandry supplies (Ibuprofen, Icy Hot, Imodium, toiletries, toilets, chocolate, lobsters, wine, more chocolate, more wine, more cow bell)

• Fuel & propane available in Bruneau or Grand View

• Laundromats are located in Mountain Home

• Closest airport, and car rentals, are located in Boise.  Pickup/drop-offs can be arranged

• Plan for Limited cell service in Camp and patchy service en route to it


Horse Necessities:

• It is recommended that you bring at least 2 horses for the school. Y6 horses will be available to lease. (see more info below for requirements)

• Personal horses should be conditioned for long days of work

• Shoes are necessary, bring spares for your personal horse, we will be in high-desert country (lava rock, tall sage)

• Your horses will be kept in steel pens

• On days we trailer out to a location, your horse must be able to travel well with other horses or you will have to bring your own trailer

• Water will be made available in pens

• Please plan to bring hay.  Or check on availability/pricing with Y6 before traveling because local availability of hay will be dependent on the winter.  The feed Store in Mountain Home will also have hay

• Feed stores are located in Mountain Home (40 miles from Shoofly)

• Plan to bring all your own husbandry and first aid supplies


Cow Camp Meals:

• While in Camp, a cowboy breakfast and cowboy lunch/supper will be provided

• If you need special accommodations for meals (something other than meat and cheese) you are responsible for bringing it with you.  There is limited refrigeration, electricity or storage available


Horse Leasing:

• Y6 horses are available at $400 per horse for the entirety of the school

• Saddles and equipment available $200 for the entirety of the school


Clothing and Gear:

• Come prepared for weather of all 4 seasons, you may even experience it all in one day

• Bring your saddle, head gear, halters, rain gear, the kitchen sink, etc



• Bring all medical supplies for both you and your horse


Level of Riding:

• Comfortable at all gates – Walk, Trot, Lope

• Ability to ride several different horses

• Ability to ride for several hours each day

• Confident to ride out alone for several hours at a time in unknown locations


We know you want a look at where you will be living for a month “off-grid”!  Google the following:

– Jacks Creek Wilderness Area

-Mudflat Camp

-Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic you may transfer your deposit to a future clinic. You also have the option to apply your funds towards purchases from www.martinblack.net