This is the first time this horse has had a bit in his mouth. Here are some things to share that’s important for that first impression.

Improper fit of the split ear headstall-note that the ear is not centered.

Proper fit, without the ear causing resistance to the headstall

The wrong position of the ear causes the bit to hang crooked.

A longer split ear headstall allows more forgiveness for a good fit.

With proper fit of the headstall the bit can hang even in the horses mouth.

The curb strap should not interfere with how the bit hangs. Notice that the S hooks of the rein chains are buckled in to the curb strap. This is so the horse can carry the bit the first time without any reins attached.

This curb strap is too tight making the bit come forward at the bottom, instead of allowing the bit to hang straight.

On a male horse the cannon, or bar, of the mouthpiece should clear the top bridle, or canine, tooth. This may cause the lip to wrinkle especially with a spade bit. Females will not have these teeth, so the bit can just sit comfortably in the corner of their mouth.