I think from the horses perspective most people are either nurtures or warriors. The nurtures are the ones that love their horses and don’t want to make them uncomfortable. They do as little as it takes to get the job done but quite often not enough.

The Warriors are the ones that are going to “get’er done”. They do as much as it takes to get the job done but quite often it’s too much for the horse.

As a result the nurturers will have resentful horses, when asked to do more than they’re used to and warriors will have nervous horses, worried about what’s coming next.

Ideally for the horse they would like us to be somewhere in the middle.  They want to feel it’s clear that there is a purpose to what we’re asking, and they can understand and accomplish it.

If the horse is not used to being out of their comfort zone, when they are asked to do something, they can be resentful. For the horse to learn and change what they’re doing they need to go out of their comfort zone in order to try to find comfort.