Martin Black Horsemanship School

At Shoofly Bruneau, Idaho
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Come join Martin Black this year as he is offering new month-long horsemanship schools designed to teach people of all ages and all levels to develop their feel, their timing, and their balance, to improve communication and confidence of both horse and rider. Additionally, providing personalized instruction on progressing horses through the development stages in preparation for advanced maneuvers and the challenges of ranch work. Wherever you’re at in your horsemanship, be it beginner, advanced bridle horse, and/or performance horse, these schools will give you new tools for your toolbox to take you to the next level in any discipline.

Martin’s unique teaching style helps you become aware of what your horse is telling you. You can’t learn horsemanship anywhere else but from a horse. The horse is the only one who can tell you if what you’re doing is working, or not working. How well you present your message determines if you pass or fail the test with your horse. With Martin’s guidance you will learn to capitalize on this key principle to help you rise to the horse’s level.

Participants will develop their skills though practical experience riding 3-5 horses a day (more or less), 5 days a week, anywhere up to 6 to 8 hours a day. You can bring your own horse(s) or Y6 horses will be provided. Each lesson will be tailored specifically to each participant’s individual needs, comfort level and progression in a group setting. If there is an interest in colt starting, you are welcome to bring your own, or we can provide you with colts. Let us know in advance what you’re bringing and/or how many we need to provide.

What you will be learning:

Martin’s personal theories and truths of horsemanship and how he integrates them and the techniques of the time honored traditional ways of the vaquero and Great Basin buckaroo into the foundation, progression, and refinement of each individual horse. For example; learn the progression from hackamore, two-rein, and up into the bridle, as well as preparation for and advice on improving lead changes, rollbacks, spins, sliding stops, etc.

The importance of the horse’s need for self-preservation and how to use that to communicate with your horse in a way that he clearly understands.

Finding and using the horse’s center of gravity and how shifting your weight can influence their movement, affect their balance, and their ability to perform at their full potential.

The difference between seeking relief vs. yielding from pressure and the significance to how you apply it can either build or breakdown the horse’s confidence.

How creating a crisis can help your horse gain confidence and keep you both safe. Can your horse survive a fire drill without over-desensitizing them and taking the self-preservation out of them? Also learn the art of doubling and how it can keep you safe while on your horse’s back in any situation.

Different methods geared to specifically help the rider learn to be more aware of the feel of where each foot is going to go, and the timing to influence it before it moves, and the affect we can have, positively or negatively, with each movement.

How to use cattle as a training aide.

And much more…

There will be two horsemanship school sessions.
• April 2 – 29. 2022
• Build your own July 11 – August 5, 2022 

We are also offering two week sessions with the month long school as follows: Apr 2 – Apr 15; Apr 16 – Apr 29

Build your own ~  This unique offering will be Monday – Friday each week.  Jul 11-15; Jul 18-22; Jul 25-29; Aug 1-5. The cost is $5000 per week.  Come as a single guest, or bring a group of friends, and work with Martin on all things horse!  Horsemanship, Stockmanship, Roping, Colt starting… there is no limit to what you can work on during this Build Your Own School.

Shoofly, a new operation under Y6 Ranches is located 45 minutes outside of Bruneau in southwest Idaho’s Owyhee desert.

Shoofly is off grid with limited electricity and cell phone service.

Information and Some of the Details

• $4,600 month long stay or $2,600.00 for two weeks
• 4 Weeks, April 2 – 29, 2022
• Limited to 8 participants
• 25% non-refundable deposit

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If you haven’t ridden with Martin before, you may find use in attending some of the Virtual Clinics. The Virtuals are on the last Tuesday of every month. You can be notified of Clinics by signing up for our emails at

While all of Martin’s books and DVDs will be helpful, these books and DVDs will be especially so for the Horsemanship School:
Round Pen to Arena Series (DVDs)
Bridle Horse Series (DVDs)
Evidence Based Horsemanship (DVD & Book)
Cow Horse Confidence (Book)
Hackamore Reinsman, Reinsman of the West and Vaquero Style Horsemanship by Ed Connell (Books)
The Essential Martin Black Series (Books)

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic you may transfer your deposit to a future clinic at shoofly/Y6 within one calendar