4 Week Martin Black Horsemanship School
May 17 – June 13, 2021
July 12 – August 8, 2021
When you’re ready for the real deal…

Bruneau, Idaho
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Are you ready to take your horsemanship to the next level – the time has come for you to invest in a truly unique learning experience with the legendary horseman Martin Black.

This is a progressive Horsemanship School for those looking for experience with all aspects of Martin’s entire horsemanship philosophy. You will have limitless learning opportunities to work on feel, timing, and balance.

Martin emphasizes practical learning experiences. Martin also emphasizes the importance of saddle study time: to try, to do, to make mistakes, then discuss the “what happened”. You will learn to recognize that even the smallest change makes the biggest difference to both you and your horses.

Depending on the horse’s needs and student’s wants there might be a sprinkle of colt starting & green horses. There will definitely be foundational horsemanship. You can learn about and experience the Hackamore, Two-Rein and Bridle Horse progression – from advanced performance horse work to ranch work and maybe some roping. The intent of these schools is to build your knowledge base, regardless of your current riding level, and scratch the itch of your interest in any of these areas.

These Horsemanship Schools are about creating good experiences for both the horses and people and less about the conventional “training” of horses. Martin has a unique way of seeing things from the horse’s perspective. He will help you find the common ground of how that philosophy ties everything together, from the foundational work to the advanced performance horse.

To help you develop the experience needed for the best application of Martin’s philosophy, you will have saddle time on 3-5, or maybe more, horses and in different situations. Your personal horses are welcome at Shoofly so you can continue progressing with what you have been working on at home: from your unstarted colts to your advanced performance horses. Y6 horses will also be available to ride, from green horses to possibly even the special forces horses. If you have young horses to start bring them or we can roundup horses from around the neighborhood.

The day will have a bit of a loose classroom setting combined with a lot of riding opportunities – plan on being in the saddle 6-8 hours a day.

The morning will start with a meeting to lay out the day’s objectives and the opportunity to address any of your concerns or questions. Then we saddle up and get to learning while doing. There will be exercises to help you learn the footfall communication between horse and rider and the “why” of learning solid horsemanship.

Along with all the different horses that you will be riding, you will have time to observe what other students are working on. By learning from other people’s mistakes maybe you won’t have to make as many yourself. We will visit at the end of the day to discuss and take measure of our progress.

Martin has found that working horses in their own environment, out in the real world with natural footing, makes for a more confident horse and rider. At Shoofly we have a round pen to get things started, a groomed riding area and miles of open desert, hills and canyons. What you won’t find at Shoofly is a traditional, fenced arena or an indoor (or sour horses). While Martin won’t turn you loose until he thinks you are ready – you should be comfortable with riding out alone and experimenting.

This is a unique opportunity to advance your horsemanship with Martin’s guidance, creating good experiences for the horses and having ample opportunities to experiment with what you are learning.

There will be two horsemanship school sessions.
• May 17 – June 13,2021
• July 12 – August 8,2021

We are also offering two week sessions with the month long school as follows: May 17-30; May 31-June 13 July 12-25; July 26-August 8

Shoofly, a new operation under Y6 Ranches is located 45 minutes outside of Bruneau in southwest Idaho’s Owyhee desert.

Shoofly is off grid with limited electricity and cell phone service.

Information and Some of the Details

• $4,000 month long stay or $2250.00 for two weeks
• 4 Weeks, May 17- June 13, 2021 or July 12 – August 8,2021
• Limited to 8 participants
• 25% non-refundable deposit

• Private Room with Bathroom, and kitchen $800
• Living Quarter Trailer/RV Space $200 we provide water & septic but bring your generator
• Dry Bunkhouse $600 (access to electricity, community bathroom and kitchen)
• Camp Wagon $300 (access to community bathroom and kitchen)
• Teepees $300 (access to community bathroom and kitchen)
• Dry Camping in your personal trailer $250 (access to community bathroom and kitchen)
• Bed rolls and/or bed linens provided.
• Starlight ambiance and stories around the camp fire, priceless, but no charge

Human Necessities:
• Sundays will be the day off to resupply or revive. Nurturing blisters if necessary
• The closest restaurant options are 25 minutes away in Grand View, 45 minutes in Bruneau or 50 minutes to Mountain Home
• Large grocery stores and chain stores are located in Mountain Home. Smaller markets are located in Grand View and Bruneau
• Closest Fuel & propane is available in Grand View
• Laundromats are located in Mountain Home
• Plan to bring all your own husbandry & First Aid supplies (Ibuprofen, Icy Hot, Imodium, toiletries, chocolate, lobsters, wine, more chocolate, more wine, more Blue Bell (ice cream)
• Closest airport, and car rentals, are located in Boise about an hour and 10 minutes away Pickup/drop-offs can be arranged
• There is limited cell service at Shoofly depending on your provider and patchy service to and from. There is decent cell service back down the paved road or a 10 minute walk up to the top of the ridge

Horse Necessities:
• You are welcome to bring your own horses for the school – just let us know how many you plan to bring and what you want to work on with them. Y6 horses will also be available
• There is limited availability to keep your horses in steel pens. Usually, student horses are more comfortable out in the big fields with the Caviata, in the herd environment
• Shoes are necessary. Bring spares for your personal horses. Even the pens are very rocky
• Feed stores are located in Mountain Home (40 miles from Shoofly)
• You can bring your own hay or check on availability/pricing with Shoofly. We will do our best to have good forage for you to purchase at Shoofly. If you don’t prefer our hay no hard feelings, the feed store in Mountain Home will also have it

Meals: Provide your own OR we can put you together with a local cook
• A cook stove will be provided and some, but limited, refrigeration will be available Or a local cook has offered to prepare hearty, rib-sticking, cowboy grub as ready-to-eat meals. We will put you together with her ~ price bing dependant on what you choose.
• If we are trailering out plan to pack a lunch, or stop at a restaurant if available. Or eat lunch after sundown back at camp

Equipment Leasing:
• Bring your saddle, head gear, halters, rain gear, the kitchen sink, etc
• Saddles and equipment are available for $200 for the entirety of the school
• Gear will be available for purchase. This is a good opportunity to get Martin’s advice on the best type of gear and fit for your horse.

• Bring all medical supplies for both you and your horse

Level of Riding:
• Comfortable at all gates – Walk, Trot, Lope and on the open range
• Ability to ride several different horses
• Ability to ride for 6+ hours each day
• Confident to ride out alone
• This is an inclusive horsemanship school. There will be plenty of different learning opportunities, some requiring more experience than others. That is the beauty of 6 participants…everyone gets the opportunity to take it to the edge of their knowledge and beyond

• Horse shoeing, $125 by local farrier
• You can purchase hay at market price. Check ahead of time.
• Transportation to/from airport $100

Shoofly is located outside of Bruneau, Idaho. We know you want a look at where you will be living for a month “off-grid”! Check out the following:
Jacks Creek Wilderness Area
Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway
Parjue Canyon
Great Basin

If you haven’t ridden with Martin before, you may find use in attending some of the Virtual Clinics. The Virtuals are on the last Tuesday of every month. You can be notified of Clinics by signing up for our emails at www.martinblack.net

While all of Martin’s books and DVDs will be helpful, these books and DVDs will be especially so for the Horsemanship School:
Round Pen to Arena Series (DVDs)
Bridle Horse Series (DVDs)
Evidence Based Horsemanship (DVD & Book)
Cow Horse Confidence (Book)
Hackamore Reinsman, Reinsman of the West and Vaquero Style Horsemanship by Ed Connell (Books)
The Essential Martin Black Series (Books)

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic you may transfer your deposit to a future clinic. You also have the option to apply your funds towards purchases from www.martinblack.net