Ask Martin: He Won’t Get on the Trailer!

//Ask Martin: He Won’t Get on the Trailer!

Ask Martin: He Won’t Get on the Trailer!

Question: “Please give me some advice on how to load my horse on the trailer.”


“There are basically two approaches. You can make the trailer comfortable or interesting by coaxing them with feed or treats until they get in.


Or, the alternative is to make it uncomfortable for them to leave the trailer and comfortable for them to take an interest in the trailer.


The principle is simple, the application is an art.


As they approach the trailer make it quiet and comfortable. When they resist, allow them to leave but at the same time make it uncomfortable by moving their feet. When they position themselves to come back, make it comfortable again. They need to see the trailer as relief from the discomfort of trying to leave.


After processing this a few times, they will see the trailer as a place to escape the discomfort and go in it willingly. Don’t rush them if they are looking or trying to think about the trailer. When they look away or try moving away, make that uncomfortable.”
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