The 3rd Annual Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering is coming to Ogden, Utah September 10-12, 2015. As part of the gathering this year, Martin Black and Joe Wolter are teaming up to lead a Cattle & Rope Handling Techniques Clinic.

If there’s anything better than getting to ride with one of these respected horsemen at a clinic, it’s going to one clinic where you’ll get to soak up knowledge from both of them! Martin and Joe are looking forward to not only sharing their knowledge with clinic participants, but they’re looking forward to collaborating with and learning from each other, too.

In fact, working with Joe was one of Martin’s primary motivations for doing the clinic. “I want to see if we do anything differently and if so, why,” Martin said. “I hope it will be a greater learning experience for me than any of the students…that’s my main motivation to do this joint clinic—to learn what I can from Joe!”

Joe echoes Martin’s sentiments. “I have always admired Martin’s abilities,” Joe said. “He’s helped thousands of folks and the students have benefited. I am looking forward to a conversation and exploring and exchanging new ideas.”

The goals of the Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering are to elevate horsemanship, honor the buckaroo traditions and to bring the best ropers together. And that’s something that’s important to both of these horsemen, too. In fact, both Martin and Joe have worked extensively with the same horsemanship legends like Tom Dorrance and were even both on Ray Hunt’s payroll at one point.

Their similarities don’t end there, though. They both come from working ranch backgrounds, both cowboyed for a living before focusing their energies on teaching others, and both have successively competed in the performance horse world on a national level.

Though their circles have overlapped a good amount over the past couple of decades, this will be the first time, aside from Horseman’s Reunion, that the two horsemen have worked together to educate the public.

Spectators and participants have Trevor Ellis, the Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering’s creator, to thank for bringing these two together. Though he initially approached Martin and Joe separately to put on two individual clinics, the two horsemen pitched the idea of a joint clinic to Trevor. Luckily, he bit.

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