Why Mane Hair Mecates?

//Why Mane Hair Mecates?

Why Mane Hair Mecates?

As with all the traditional Vaquero gear, mane hair mecates give a pre-signal before the enforcing signal, or direct pull. Regardless of whether the mecates are on a hackamore or a snaffle bit, the reins have the weight to give a feel to allow the horse to respond. Poly, cotton, mohair, and other synthetics don’t have this weight or the life. Also, most other materials have some give to them so when you need a direct pull, there is some spring in them.

The mane hair mecate is like no other, not only does it have the beautiful natural colors of horses’ hair but it has the weight, flexibility and life in it like no other materials. A nylon mecate has more strength and the weight much like hair, but it still does not have a life or the signal to it.

In my option the only down side to mane hair is when it gets moisture, it will get stiff. However, in the deserts of the west it’s dry the majority of the time and it gives us that good feel far more than not.

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