Mino Spadacini was born into a Milanese family in Como in 1944. He attended the Liceo Artistico and the Accademia di Brera at Milan. His passion for horses became apparent at an early age, bringing him to California in the 1970’s, where he studied the Vaqueros’ old classical method of horse training: The California Spade Bit Horse. In this period he sculpted and painted various paintings and drawings for his ranch friends on the subject of the Californios and the Buckaroos Life. He participated fully in the life and work of the ranch and learned the various phases of training, from the colt to the “finished” Reined Horse. Working alongside and taking part in their various clinics, he got to know the legendary horse trainers of the time: George Rose, Bobby Ingersoll, Felix Guitron, Jean Claude Disly, Tony Amaral and Les Vogt, right up to the more recent trainers such as Ray Hunt, Martin Black, Richard Caldwell and Sheila Varian, to name a few. During his time in California he collected various antique Spade Bits and has a valuable collection unique in Italy, containing also Bosals and Mecates. This is, alas, now missing some historic saddles that were stolen a few years ago. Today he no longer works professionally but entirely for love, at his Bellavista Ranch in Maremma. And he has never stopped drawing.