In this 2-disc set Martin Black works with nine different students starting a group of young horses preparing them for the first ride. There is much discussion of specific details of the small things that make a difference for the first impressions of a young horse. You will see the students work through many common mistakes and see what a difference it makes when they do things in a more fitting way for the horse.

Part 1 – Colt Starting Help with Martin and Students
• Haltering & Catching
• Saddling & Unsaddling
• Bridling & Unbridling
• Mounting & Dismounting
• Questions from Students

Part 2 – Groundwork & Putting Pieces Together
• Getting Started on Groundwork
• Groundwork from Horseback
• Groundwork on Foot
• Student Discussion
• Putting Pieces Together

2-Disc Set – Running Time 2 1/2 hours

Cover Art: Moni Heil
Music by Trinity Seely

Martin Black brings his lifetime experiences of working with horses to the round corral with him. Safety and efficiency are high on his priority list along with developing a confident and willing horse in the process. He studies people and their relationships with their horses and puts it together with his experience from working with livestock to come up with a confidence-building agenda to prepare the horse and the person for whatever their needs are. He borrows whatever he can from whomever he can without prejudices of discipline or breed, as long as it follows his principles and works for the horse.