The Colt Starting Philosophy of Martin Black


Join Martin as he introduces you to his philosophy of starting colts while he takes several colts and one young stallion through their first day of riding.

Being an Idaho rancher is in Martin Black’s blood; reaching back five generations on both his maternal and paternal sides his family has ranched in Owyhee County, Idaho.

With this deeply-rooted tradition and the desire to honor and maintain it, along with the influence of other present-day horseman, he has studied different elements of horsemanship throughout his life.

What he looks for isn’t just a style or particular method, but what works for the horse. “If it works there must be a reason why, if it doesn’t work there must be a reason why.” If we can understand what prepared or caused the horse to react or respond in the manner they do whether it is desirable or not, then we may learn to identify and influence the action of the horse in what we think is a positive and productive way.



Topics covered in this video include:

  • Martin’s five basic principles of horsemanship
  • A horse’s need for self-preservation
  • Finding and using the center of gravity
  • Seeking relief vs. yielding from pressure
  • Creating a crisis to gain confidence
  • Working with an aggressive stallion
  • Also, halter preparation, catching, saddle preparation, flag work, saddling, bridling, preparing to mount, first ride, transitions, and much more.

This DVD is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes long and includes biographical information about Martin as well.

Additional information

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