When Martin first meet Frank he wasn’t impressed by his horses. Frank always had some tough horses that were for the most part really bothered. But Frank had that dry cowboy since of humor that brought Martin back for more visits. It wasn’t long before Martin realized that these nasty horses Frank was working were getting better. Frank wasn’t training these horses, he was setting them up to figure out things for themselves. They were given bad information by previous riders before Frank got them in his program. He was doing things that Martin hadn’t seen done before and having success bringing these horses around that many of “professionals” had failed with.
Frank is also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to biomechanics of the horse, and everything written by the military and dressage Masters, or any other worthwhile books written on horses.
Join these two lifelong horse scientists as they share with each other, and you, on how it all comes together for the horse.
They have been featured together in  Western Horseman, December 2020
6-8 PM Florida, USA Check your time zone

Martin Black and Frank Barnett  will select 10 Questions related to the Topic of Biomechanics and Balancing your horse.

Send questions to askmartin@martinblack.net by February  3, 2022.

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