How to Stay Cool

Join the founders of EBH (Evidence Based Horsemanship) Dr. Steve Peters and Martin Black as we kick off the first of 4 EBH Virtual Clinics this year.

You may have heard about dialing up the energy in a horse that is plodding along or dialing down the energy in a horse that is high strung.

But it is not always that simple for us or the horse. You can get frustrated and spur and kick the horse to make them go and can yank and try to restrain that highly aroused horse, however in both scenarios, you and the horse are not in the optimal neurochemical state and emotional responses are actually preventing you both from getting where you need to be (homeostasis).

January’s EBH Virtual Clinic will dive deep into this subject to help you and the horse to be on the right neurochemical mix for your relationship and horsemanship.  Let Steve and Martin show you the science behind “How to be Cool” for you and your horses.

  Have a look at this video with Martin Black and staying cool no matter the job or the speed you ask of your horse.

Martin Black and Dr. Steve Peters  will select 10 Questions related to the Topic of keeping your cool.

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