Martin Black and Dales Jeffries, There are 2 Sessions available:

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About this Event
Martin Black and Dale Jeffries will be discussing:“ How can the teeth affect the ride?““ How can the teeth affect the ride?“
I could write a small book on negative experiences I’ve had with horses caused by poor or no equine dentistry.  Here is one example
A good equine dentist in my opinion is just as important as a good farrier if not more so. How do we know good from bad when we can’t see all their teeth?
Please join me and a man that has revolutionized equine dentist around the world. We will not only discuss how it affects their health but also out horsemanship.

You have 3 options:  Send in a Video with 2 Questions.  If you are interested in a specific subject about equine dental work we encourage you to submit a question.  If you only want to listen  you can sit on the fence.  As a fence sitter you will be able to hear and see, but not participate with questions.   We will be keeping all video and questions sent in directly related to the subject of this virtual clinic.  Equine Dentistry and how it affects our horses and horsemanship

Submit a Video along with 2 Questions, presented through a moderator

Ask Questions, through a moderator

Fence Sitter ~ you will be able to see and hear, but not participate in the session

As an Submit Video, 2 Questions we will share your video if related to equine dentistry along with 2 Questions through a moderator. Video is best viewed horizontally and in mp4 format.  To ensure participation please have video and questions sent by August 20, 2021. During the session you will be brought in as a participant, through video, to talk directly with Martin and Dale.  Please send you video and questions to

As an Ask Questions, you will be able to ask questions (only those directly related to equine dentistry will be accepted), through a moderator, for  Martin and Dale to answer.   In order for your question to be addressed you will need to send it in by August 26, 2021.  During the session you will be  called into the session to visit directly with Martin and Dale. Please send your questions to

As a fence sitter, you will be able to see and hear the “Ask Questions” participants working with both Martin and Steve.

The team will  provide you with details around how to connect to Zoom, and ensure that you are provided with any support you may need. The video of the session will be available 24 hours after the virtual session.  The link to the video will be e-mailed to you at the same e-mail address you used to register for the session.  The link to the video will expire in 5 days and we will not be able to be downloaded.
If you require any more details, please e-mail