Martin Black wants to continue the discussion EXCLUSIVELY on Hackamores, Two Rein and The Bridle virtual Clinic.   Join him on Setpember 28,2021. Send in a video and Questions, Send in Questions or come as a fence sitter ~ all from the comfort of your home!  ALL Submissions must be related to the Hackamore, Two Rein and the Bridle

There are 2 Sessions available:

6 am – 8 am MST – You can check your timezone by Clicking Here

6 pm – 8 pm MST  – You can check your timezone by Clicking Here.

About this Event
Martin Black enjoys sharing his  knowledge and experience with anyone serious about improving themselves and their understanding of  learning for the good of the horse.

Everyone can improve their horsemanship by learning how to be more effective presenting themselves to their horse and learning to understand how the horse perceives them as an individual. Martin will build confidence in the horse and rider and take you to the next level, whatever that might be.

During these sessions, Martin  will be offering the following:

Submit a Video along with 2 Questions, presented through a moderator

Ask Questions, through a moderator

Fence Sitter ~ you will be able to see and hear, but not participate in the session

As an Submit Video, 2 Questions we will share your video along with 2 Questions through a moderator.  ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RELATED TO HACKAMORE, TWO REIN, and/or  THE BRIDLE. Video is best viewed horizontally and in mp4 format.  To ensure participation please have video and questions sent by September 22, 2021. During the session you will be brought in as a participant, through video, to talk directly with Martin.  Please send you video and questions to

As an Ask Questions, you will be able to ask questions, through a moderator, for  Martin  to answer.   In order for your question to be addressed you will need to send it in by September 24, 2021. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RELATED TO HACKAMORE, TWO REIN, and/or  THE BRIDLE During the session you will be  called into the session to visit directly with Martin. Please send your questions to

As a fence sitter, you will be able to see and hear the “Ask Questions” participants working with Martin.

We use Zoom technology to provide these virtual clinics.  Please test your Zoom connections by clicking  ahead of the virtual clinic.  Unfortunately we are not able to support your connection once the virtual clinic has started. We now offer rewatch for a limited time, tickets MUST be purchased in advance of the virtual session.The team will also provide you with details around how to connect to Zoom, and ensure that you are provided with any support you may need.

If you require any more details, please e-mail