Liberty and Horsemanship – One Showing ONLY
November 30, 2021 Martin Black and Dan James, of Double Dan Horsemanship, will be talking about Liberty training and how it weaves into a daily working environment with our horses.

“Movie horses, liberty horses , trick and stunt horses have always been something that fascinated me, anything that was out of the ordinary. Seeing horses run from Point A to point B with seemingly no help always made me wonder how did they do that ??? Horses that reared or laid down on cue, and how was it tht these horses did these particular movements, when many other people were trying to not get there horses to do these things!

It has been and continues to be an amazing journey of the endless possibilities of what horses are able to do at liberty. The part of training and working these horses towards liberty that I didn’t realize is how tht these same principles also helped address many behavioral problems and training issues that we confront regularly. And how that they can make everyday jobs and horsemanship easier.” ~ Dan James

“What we are using to communicate with our horses, or the job we are doing with them, isn’t what defines our horsemanship. It’s our communication and connection in my opinion that does.

When a horse has troubles with something, especially if they have had a traumatic experience with a rider, just post pone trying to work with them on that specific problem. Working on tricks, liberty, giving a burned out show horse some quiet ranch work, etc., gives them different puzzles to solve that are unrelated and doesn’t trigger their self preservation. It can allow us to get their mind working with us again instead of against us. It can be like getting a fresh start and then start building from there back to the problem area eventually.

I’ve heard some people say if their horse was trained for one specific thing, then giving them additional training in another area would be a bad thing. Horses are much smarter and capable than that. It’s the humans predator mentality that narrows the thinking.
Good horsemanship can keep the horses mind open and doesn’t limit them to one thing.” ~ Martin Black

November 30, 2021  Liberty and Horsemanship with Martin Black and Dan James
Please join us for an amazing 2 hours with  Martin Black and Dan James!    You will have access to rewatch this webinar for a limited time if you pre purchase a ticket to this event.  A link will be sent out to you 24 hours AFTER the close of the session.