Sterling silver overlaid bit. 5 inch width with a 4.5″ spade. Weight: 1lb 3oz

Martin shares some thoughts on the bits he has in stock.

In my experience, younger horses are going to be more sensitive in the early stages and get along better with a lighter bit, around 1.5 pounds more or less, and after a few years they get along better and are more sensitive to a bit around 2 pounds. The difference between a lower port and a spade mouth piece could make close to .25 pound difference.

When a bit is used as a signal device its important to have the right signal. If it’s too light and doesn’t give enough signal we don’t have good communication. If the bit is too heavy it can be too loud and intimidating and not have a good signal either.

The movement of the bit before the curb strap comes tight is a feel, referred to as signal.
After the curb strap is tight the horse feels leverage that can be measured in pounds.

These bits are intended to be signal devices. If the bit is strictly used as a leverage device the weight of the bit has little to do with feel, it might as well be heavy and durable.

We have a maker working with us now that is producing the kind of bits that we really like.
A cheek that has more surface area is made thinner to be lighter weight, and a cheek that has less surface area is thicker so its not to flimsy. This helps to keep the total weight of the bit with in the proper weight range.

Again, the equipment we offer is patterned after the equipment that I have experienced success with and has been used for generations.

Martin Black