These spur straps are patterned off of the type of straps Martin has used all his life. They have sown edge and lined, all top quality leather and hardware. The conchos are sterling silver and hand engraved.

In the Great Basin Tradition the stirrup leathers are turned for a more comfortable ride on a long day. This also allows the Buckaroos to unbuckle their spurs from the inside of their foot and leave them at the barn as opposed to wearing the buckles on the outside making it more difficult to remove them from your boots before you go to the coffee shop.
Regardless if you’re stirrup aren’t turned and the strap buckles rub your foot, the buckles can be worn on the outside and the decorative strap on the inside.

These flowered spur straps will fit a lady’s boot size 4-8. They measure 7″ from the outer hole to hole and could go 1 inch shorter or longer.  You will receive one set (2 pieces)