Articles About Martin Black (PDF)

Western Horseman’s Series with Martin Black

The Power of Position – by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison January 08
Cow Control– by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison February 08
On the Offense– by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison March 08
Develop a Strong Defense– by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison April 08
The Loading Mode – by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison May 08
1-Man Ranch Doctoring – by Martin Black with Jennifer Dennison June 08
Make Training Methods Your Own Western Horseman, May 2007
Training Inside the Triangle by Tom Moates Western Horseman, February 2007


Miscellaneous (PDF)

What I did on My Summer Vacation by Steve Bell Eclectic Horseman Magazine An account of a week of the ’06 Alvord Ranch Experience.
A week at the Alvord Ranch by Bob Marsh A diary of a fantastic week in ’07 at the Alvord Ranch Experience.
Sweet Revenge America’s Horse – January/February 2004
The Horsemanship of Martin Black – Guy de Galard Western Horseman, December 2004
Equine Empiric Psychoanalyst by Annie Lambert Performance Horse – March 2001


A sampling of articles that Martin has written

What’s the message you are giving your horse?
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
Spring Check Up
Preparing Your Horse for the Hackamore and Bridle
Desensitizing… How much is enough?
Flagging from your Horse
Stop Holding On
What is your horse’s body mass index?
Horse Owner Beware
What Our Horse is Telling Us
Discipline or Misguided Energy
Get Back!
Your Next Ride
Separating Disrespect from Unknowing
Turn Arounds
Understand Yourself to Better Understand Your Horse


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