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In old California, in the days of the vaqueros, the Hackamore, Two-rein and straight up in the Bridle was the procedure.  But in the Great Basin, the snaffle bit was typically used first, followed by the hackamore, two-rein and then straight up in the bridle. The reason was, with the development of the new land, hundreds of thousands of driving horses and Army Remount horses were needed and were required to be handled in a snaffle-bit.

People and horses with less experience can usually get the job done better with a snaffle bit.  The ways of the vaqueros took much more experience and skill. We can start our horses in the halter or hackamore to give our horses a better understanding, and at the same time we can get a better understanding because we cant be as forceful and intimidate the horse the way we can with a bit in their mouth.

“If you want to improve your horse you can try changing the bit you use.  If you want to improve your horsemanship try changing the use of your hands.”  Martin likes to use this traditional gear because he wants to learn how to develop more feel and understanding instead of by passing the opportunity and using the quicker methods as a shortcut.  In the end, he believes a better horseman will develop if we try to learn to adjust to the horse instead of the horse having to adjust to us.

Being a horseman and braider Martin has maintained some of the old time traditional design and function of the “jaquima” with shorter nose buttons to give them better balance, blocked heel knots which fit the horses jaw better and do not pinch the end of your hair mecate which allows the wraps to lay better. The nose bands are not raised to allow a better fit to the contour of the horses nose and allow more contact with the inside of the bosal or hackamore.

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