texasWant to ride with Martin Black in 2022?  Not sure which school or session is best for you – here is a short description of each offering, click on the links to learn more about each opportunity in more depth.

New this year! Two month long opportunities to improve your horsemanship Horsemanship School in Bruneau, Idaho. A unique Ranch School in the heart of the beautiful Owyhee Mountains.  Build Your Own Clinic make it just “how you want it to be”. And the popular  Fall Private Sessions with Martin in Bruneau. 

Florida Sessions – Located in Williston, Florida.  Unable to get away during the busy Summer season or travel to the wild, wild West? Enjoy 3 days with Martin Black in sunny Florida!  There is no set curriculum during this session.  Bring your wish list and dive into some Cattle Work, Horsemanship, or start your own colt, advance your horse into the hackamore, two-rein or bridle.

Horsemanship School – During this school you will have one on one time with Martin while working on specific things from your “wishlist”.  If you are interested in working with colts, a green horse, learning new gear (hackamore, two-rein, bridle) learning or refining your roping, sprinkled with possibilities of gathering cattle, then this school is the one to choose.

Ranch SchoolThis school is to help prepare you for a working ranch environment.  There is one on one time with Martin roping the dummy, roping the hot heels, practicing dallying exercises, horsemanship as it pertains to ropoing, checking all the boxes to improve your skills so you can go to a branding and be an asset and not a liability. This will be the classroom time at Shoofly preparing your for the real deal.  There will be opportunities that are more about practical experience”in the field”.  You should be able to find your way back to camp, the horse trailer, or a least find somebody that does know their way back.  There will be days with lots of country to cover while gathering cattle You’ll learn what it means to stay in position on a circul.  You may be “on your own: meaning that Martin will not be there every minute or even every hour to babysit you, you may not see him for hours and feel lost, but he’ll know where you’re at, he’s never lost anyone, yet.  If you are ready for the “real deal” this is the one to choose.

Build Your Own School A truly unique experience for any level of rider.  It is just as it reads “Build Your Own School” customized by YOU!  A 5 day clinic limited only by your imagination.  Come solo or bring a group of friends in your private 5 days with Martin, spending time working on any of the above mentioned opportunities.  OR experience an adventure in the heart of the Owyhee Mountains, traversing rugged mountainous country.  You can enjoy a guided tour with Martin, horseback,  through the jaw-dropping beauty of the Shoofly foothills, Shoofly Oolite, Bruneau Sand Dunes, Jack’s Creek Wilderness Area, jacks Creek Canyon, Bruneau Canyon, or Perjue Canyon, sprinkled with possibilities of gathering cattle, then this school is the one to choose

Fall Sessions This very popular intimate 4 day clinic, limited to 3 people, will include all the options listed above packed into 4 days!  If you are unable to commit to a month long school, or even 2 weeks, then this is the session to choose.

Private Lessons, Virtually Martin offers private Lessons on a few Wednesday night’s throughout the year via Zoom.  Get a taste of horsemanship, advance your knowledge from the comfort of your arena at home.  Send in up to 3 video’s per private lesson for review with Martin on how you can improve.

Monthly Virtual Clinics and Webinars – Evidence-Based Horsemanship Virtual Clinics, Guest Speakers, and horsemanship, horsemanship, horsemanship from the comfort of your home.

Martin’s in-person clinics this year will be in the United States, you can find his full schedule here.