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What Clients Say

I’ve watched them all to me Martin Black is supreme. He’s the one I’d want to start my colts.
Jack Brainard, Legendary horseman and judge.
I’ve never seen horses that were ‘feeling good in their hides’ as much as Martin’s horses. It’s a French expression meaning that you’re confident, proud and happy in life. For me the phrase defines Martin’s horses, and I think it’s what what characterizes good horsemen.
Antoine Cloux, Clinic Participant, Switzerland
Martin does an outstanding job for the start of a horse’s life. I don’t know of anyone who could start a horse any better.
Benny Guitron, Professional Horseman, Merced, California
Traveling halfway around the world to attend the Horsemanship School was the most beneficial experience i could have had for my horsemanship and the knowledge I gained will continue to serve me for years to come.
Dean Rogues, Australia
Your new 3 DVD set just arrived today. Another excellent horsemanship video series from Martin Black. Martin Black speaks to us for our horses with such humility and honesty that I feel as if I’m right there in the chair across from him And who else but Martin can also bring us a rainbow in the same video? Thank you!
Stuart Feen, Grayslake, Illinois
Martin’s roping DVDs have it all: traditional perspective, finesse in stock handling and horsemanship, roping deluxe. I’ve never seen so much information—and inspiration—in one package. For those of us who occasionally get to build a loop and eyeball a few unbranded calves, this is the mother lode.
Jay Dusard, photographer and author, The North American Cowboy: A Portrait
I hope that I get the opportunity to ride with Martin at the Alvord Ranch again. It was hard to leave – especially since I felt that I finally was catching on and the month was over. Many thanks to Martin and Jennifer for making it such a wonderful experience!
Heidi S. MacIntyre, Clinic Particiapant, Colorado