“I’ve watched them all to me Martin Black is supreme. He’s the one I’d want to start my colts.”

Legendary horseman and judge Jack Brainard

“Martin does an outstanding job for the start of a horse’s life. I don’t know of anyone who could start a horse any better.”

Benny Guitron, Professional Horseman, Merced, California

“As a breeder of hundreds of horses, including world champions in reining, cutting, halter and a winner of the Kentucky Derby, I have met and learned from many of the world’s great equine experts. With all due respect to each of them, Martin Black is the best horseman I have ever seen. The three generations of expert horsemanship in his background have left him with few if any peers.” 

Jim Squires, breeder of APHA Champions, World Champions,
Futurity Winners and Monarchos, winner of the 2001 Kentucky Derby.

From “Hooking Up” Blood Horse Magazine Feb 16, 2002
“This method has made a difference in every thing we do with the horses, from clipping them to introducing them to new places and new situations,” Jaqui de Merich said. “They are very self-confident, and they are also very happy. They are having so much fun, they don’t want to go back in the barn.”

Nick and Jaqui deMerich, Ocala, Florida. Leading two-year-old consigners

“Over the last 10 years Martin has started as many as 150 colts a year for Calumet Farm. The foundation that Martin gives these horses serves them regardless of whether they go on to have a racing career or not. These horses have more confidence so that when they face the stresses of racing they already have a competitive advantage. Their foundation allows them to be their genetic best. The response from all the trainers has been very positive, we all have a firm belief in his methods.”

Tony Cissel, Manager at Calumet Farm in Kentucky

“Martin Black does a wonderful job of teaching horses and riders of all ages and all levels of ability.”

Pat Warren, Great Basin College, Elko Nevada

“I’ve never seen horses that were ‘feeling good in their hides’ as much as Martin’s horses. It’s a French expression meaning that you’re confident, proud and happy in life. For me the phrase defines Martin’s horses, and I think it’s what what characterizes good horsemen.”

Antoine Cloux, Clinic Participant, Switzerland

“I didn’t learn methods with Martin, I’ve learned a state of mind. Martin is a world class horseman and a first class person.”

David Brown,Cutting Horse Breeder, Gainesville, Texas

“The colts that Martin starts turn out really good and gentle. He gets any kind of colt ready whether they are going to be jumpers or race horses.”

Gene Lewis, Winner of the 2002 Pegasus Award, Melba, Idaho