Bettina Drummond came to the  Y6  a couple of years ago.  This is a awesome picture of Bettina working her dressage horse on a steer.  Note that she is riding in a hackamore and a mane hair mecate, not the usual dressage horse bridle.  Have a look at the dominating expression of her horse and how she is staying out of his way.

It is not the discipline, it is not the gear; it is not the breed, it IS horsemanship!  It’s the feel in our hands, not the equipment we put on their head.

The rate and timing of the horses feet in relation to the steers feet.  This was the first lesson, with a cow, for Bettina and her horse.

If you are able to fix it up and get out of their way, it is poetry in motion, regardless of your discipline.