Florida Sessions

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coltsImagine riding with Martin in sunny Florida….

Work on Horsemanship.


Florida Sessions – Feb. 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-19, 2020.

3 day semi-private sessions for 3 people at $1200/person or the space can be purchased for the total of $3600 and have 1-6 people.  It will be approximately 6 hours per day.  

Sessions will take place in Williston, Florida.

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Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic you may transfer your deposit to a future clinic. You also have the option to apply your funds towards purchases from www.martinblack.net

Quotes from Students
Read what participants are saying about Martin Black’s Schools.

“Martin & Jen: I just wanted you guys to know that I got all kinds of great feedback from people about your clinic. I am truly not surprised as I myself thought you did an AWESOME job !! I have been through several clinics at Willow Brook with other clinicians for “cow working” and although they were good, they were not “Martin Black”. Thanks for a great weekend as it is ALWAYS a pleasure to spend time with the two of you. I hope it proved to be a success for “you all” as well. I wanted to also make a comment to you about my Horsemanship School experience. I was finding it a bit difficult to come up with the words to describe what that experience meant to me so I will do my best to convey what I thought. I had been in search of an apprenticeship type program here on the east coast for several years and was not having much success. Then a good friend of mine, Dick McCoy, turned me in Martin Black’s direction. I was immediately excited about signing up and getting started. In the three weeks I spent in Sanger, I would have to say the most prominent discovery I made was realizing how much I did not know. The program FAR exceeded my expectations……I LOVED IT ! There were distinct times where Martin believed in me more than I even believed in myself and that made the experience EXTRAORDINARY. Martin is a brilliant horseman who has the incredible ability to read the horse and coach the rider in a way that allows the horse to work through challenging situations and come out having had a ‘good experience’. This was always Martin’s first goal and he was amazingly successful in meeting it time after time. He is truly a breath of fresh air to the horse industry and down right EXCELLENT at what he does. He has a way of conveying his thoughts in an understandable and creative way. I might mention that he has a GREAT sense of humor to boot. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every aspect of the program and walked away with a level of knowledge that was totally new and different than any other I had been exposed to in the past. If you are considering the Horsemanship School, do your horses, but more importantly, yourself a big favor and……GO FOR IT !! You will NOT be disappointed ! And to Martin, I want to extend a genuine ‘THANK YOU’ to you for allowing me to experience some time on Hickory….it meant more to me than you may ever know.” Tammy Alexander, Pennsylvania

“I was fortunate enough to be able to spend four months with Martin. The knowledge that I gained was more than I could ever have expected. The large number of colts we were able to ride really allowed us to experience many different scenarios with Martin right there to guide us. Martin did an excellent job explaining how to go about working with a horse, as well as explaining the reason. He really tries to bring the person up to the horse’s level rather than bringing the horse down to the person’s level with continual drills. Martin and Jennifer made the program a truly enjoyable experience. The Martin Black Horsemanship School is the ideal place for anyone wanting to get into the horse training business, or just wishing to feel safer riding their personal horses.” Cooper Adams

“I am very fortunate to have learned from the best when starting colts, riding advanced horses, and working cattle in the A pen. The entire four months of the Horsemanship School was a great experience for me. Martin and Jen are great at explaining things in good detail, weather you are starting a colt or working cattle in the A pen. I continue to use the skills I have learned on my own horses as well as other people’s horses.” Erika Belsby

“Hey Martin and Jennifer, Just wanted to let you guys know that I am really starting to have fun with Colorado. I’m not sure if he is becoming more of a politician, or if I am becoming a more confident rider, but something’s working! I really enjoyed the Horsemanship School and appreciate all your help. Also, I’ve switched all my horses over to Pride feed and am very happy with it. Hope you both are well.” Erica McCrary

“Thank you again for the wonderful time I had with you, Martin and the team, for all that knowledge Martin and you kindly passed on to me, for letting me ride Chewy and Chili, for driving me to Road to the Horse, for… well, I could go on and on for pages, so better stop here ;-) This was a one of a kind experience that will certainly take time for me to ‘chew on’, but what I gained riding those colt under your careful supervision has better my horsemanship in ways I find it hard to describe for now. I know I need to come back next year, and will plan that ahead of time. Until then, I hope to see you both again soon.”Xavier Meal Paris France

“Martin is an outstanding horseman and an effective educator. I have started colts under Martin’s guidance on several occasions, and it has been an invaluable experience. Martin possesses an innate ability to read horses, time movements, and communicate to the rider in a way that allows both horse and rider to be successful and build confidence.”Kyla Prunty

“I went to the Horsemanship School with a goal of elevating my horsemanship to the next level and ended up blowing that goal out of the water! I learned more about the horse industry in 3 weeks than I have my whole life. Martin brings a deep understanding of the horse and how to bring out positive responses combined with his ability to train performance horses which makes him an excellent horseman to learn from. The experience was a total success. Martin and Jennifer created a great learning environment; we started colts, tuned on problem horses, worked cattle and rode high level performance horses. Everything from A to Z in the horse business was covered – business, health and training. The best horse experiences of my life!” Troy Bailey

“I was fortunate enough to be able and take part in Martin’s new Horsemanship School. It’s not just listening to Martin’s philosophies but it is actually putting them to use for yourself everyday. I think to become handy with a horse, it means riding a lot of them. Martin’s ranch in Texas was a great opportunity to ride a lot of horses. The cool thing about it is Martin sets things up so that you can figure it out on your own which for me sunk in the best. I got to ride with people that some only hear about in books and watch at the huge competitions. All in all this Horsemanship School is set up for education whether it be the riding aspect, or the business aspect. I owe a lot to Martin and really appreciate his sincerity and compassion in figuring out the horse and life.” Austin Rawlins

“My decision to attend Martin’s Horsemanship School in Sanger was one of the best I have made concerning my horses and improving my horsemanship. I was able to attend for ten days at the first of March and each day was a learning experience. Martin did an excellent job starting a couple of sets of colts while I as there. He demonstrated a good balance of helping the colts have a good experience and progressing with their training at a nice pace. Although it was mainly colt starting, Martin also helped us in several other areas including starting horses on cattle, ranch roping, and with many fresh ideas to improve our horsemanship skills. We also took a couple of field trips to other ranches that were both entertaining and informative. Martin is an excellent teacher and a superb horseman. Thanks Martin and I hope to have the opportunity to come back next year!!”Cliff Halbert

“Traveling halfway around the world to attend the Horsemanship School was the most beneficial experience i could have had for my horsemanship and the knowledge i gained will continue to serve me for years to come.The Horsemanship School is unique in the way you learn first hand from Martin. I recommend the Horsemanship School for any one serious about bettering them self for the horse.” Dean Rogues, Australia.