Ride with Martin at Shoofly, in a semi-private Fall Session.

Three days, limited to three people.

2022 Dates:

#1 November 3-5

#2 November 7-9

#3 November 11-13

#4 November 15-17

#5 November 19-21


The cost per session is $1600. Those who are interested in booking two of these sessions can do so at a discounted rate of $1,500/session.


Martin is offering the unique opportunity to a limited group to join him at his ranch in Bruneau, Idaho. These sessions can follow any particular wants that the participants would like to work on at the ranch, or they can take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves to go ride with neighboring ranches for there fall work. There’s a round pen available if the need to work any horses in the corral, a groomed arena to work on horsemanship, miles of desert and BLM Wilderness Area out the gate to ride in and explore.
While catering to the needs, interests, and skill levels of the students, Martin can work to improve their horsemanship, stockmanship, or roping. The sessions won’t follow any particular curriculum, this is where individuals can bring up where there itch is and Martin will try to help them get it scratched.
As long as we’re not going to leave early to go help other ranches, we start mornings generally with chat time over coffee to address questions, comments, concerns, or anything relevant to help make the experience more productive. Then we get some saddle time in and generally take a mid afternoon break. Afterwards more saddle time to work on some homework, or absorb the intense knowledge learned earlier in the day.
Participants can bring their own horses, or coordinate with Y6 for horses or tack if needed. Camping in your LQ trailer on the ranch is possible or accommodations are available. Learn more here

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a clinic you may transfer your deposit to a shoofly clinic within the same calendar year. www.martinblack.net

Questions? contact us at askmartin@martinblack.net